January 2013

Medicare supplemental insurance policies are sold by private insurance companies to fill in some of the gaps in healthcare coverage that you will find in Medicare. They allow people to be nearly fully insured for their healthcare needs. During open enrollment, your right to purchase a Medicare supplement policy is guaranteed, no matter your health […]


Medigap Plan F Overview

by Kura on January 12, 2013

Senior citizens reaching age 65 become eligible to receive both traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage if they so choose. For those persons who believe that their health care costs will exceed the amounts covered by Medicare, the option exists to elect for additional coverage through a Medicare Supplement or Medigap policy as it’s popularly called. […]


Understanding Medicare

by Kura on January 11, 2013

Medicare is not a tricky subject but if you are about to make the transition to Medicare coverage then you know that the insurance companies are flooding you with information that muddies the waters of understanding.  To get a better understanding let’s look at the parts of traditional Medicare. Medicare Part A Part A is […]


Medigap Plans

by Kura on January 9, 2013

Medicare sounded like a great plan, until I discovered that it might not cover certain procedures! what do I do now? Insurance plans are very innovative, and they can come up with a plan to fit any contingency. Such is the case with Medigap plans. As the word implies, Medigap insurance fills the gaps in […]


Get financial peace of mind with a final expense insurance plan. No one likes to think about losing a loved one. The discussion about how an individual plans to pay for a funeral and final expenses is often difficult to have because it is a sensitive issue. Yet, without a solid final expense insurance plan, […]